About Our Signatories

Bad Law Project

An organisation set up to challenge good law turned bad and remove ideology from our democratic institutions.

Critical Therapy Antidote

A network of therapeutic practitioners concerned about the rapid and uncontested encroachment of Critical Social Justice (CSJ) into talking therapies.

Don’t Divide Us

A grassroots campaign set up to tackle divisive and dangerous identity politics.

Evidence-Based Social Work Alliance (EBSWA)

A coalition of qualified social work practitioners, academics and students with concerns regarding the uncritical use of gender identity theory in social work.

Fair Cop

A group of gender critical lawyers, police officers and professionals dedicated to upholding Articles 8-11 ECHR & removing politics from policing.

Family Education Trust

A national education trust researching causes and consequences of family breakdown.


An international alliance of professionals, detransitioners, parent groups, and others, who seek high-quality care for gender-related distress.


A group of UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and academic experts concerns about the lack of open scientific debate in mainstream media and the worrying trend of censorship.

LGB Christians

Male Allies Challenging Sexism

New Culture Forum

An organisation dedicated to challenging the orthodoxies dominant in British media, culture and academia.


A women-run campaign group fighting against systems which objectify, exploit, harm or kill women as a sex class.

Our Duty

A support and advocacy group for families with children who think they are transgender.


Psychreg is an award-winning digital media company that provides information and resources on psychology, health, and wellness. They publish articles and thought-provoking commentaries. They also publish scholarly works through the open-access Psychreg Journal of Psychology.

Reclaim Party


A news platform focussed on women’s rights and child safeguarding.

Reform UK


Scottish Feminist Network

A network of Scottish women’s groups with the aim of protecting and supporting women’s rights in life and in law.

Scottish Union For Education

A non-party political and secular organisation that aims to represent a common-sense approach to education that is based on the understanding that education is about subject knowledge.

Social Democratic Party

Thoughtful Therapists

A group of counsellors, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists from across the UK and Ireland with a shared concern about the impact of gender identity ideology on children and young people.


A group of grassroots volunteer campaigners, representing the interests of children.

Women’s Rights Network

A network of women from across the United Kingdom campaigning to defend the sex-based rights of women.